Networks & Supporters of the NCC Study Center

Becoming Involved

Building bridges among people of different religions and cultures requires partners and cooperation. Research, public lectures, seminars, and the educational program of ISJP rely on the generous financial support of individuals and organizations. Please help to strengthen the “bridges” by making a contribution. Don’t hesitate to contact our director.



The NCC Study Center cooperates in research and education with the following organizations:



The NCC Study Center is involved in the following networks:

  • Ecumenical Group for the Study of Interreligious Dialogue (EGSID), together with the Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture, the Oriens Institute, and the Institute for Oriental Religions at Sophia University.

  • Conference on Religion and Modern Society (CORMOS): Annual meeting between representatives of various Japanese religions and scholars.

  • INTER-RELIGIO: A network of Catholic and Protestant study centers engaged in interreligious dialogue in East Asia.

  • Association of Research Institutes of Religious Organizations (Shinto, Buddhist, new religions, Christian) in Japan (Kyodan fuchi kenkyujo konwa-kai). Supporters

    The work of the NCC Study Center is supported by donations from individuals as well as by financial contributions from the following organizations: