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NCC Center for the Study of Japanese Religions 

The NCC Center for the Study of Japanese Religions is a place for scholars is institute which focuses on promoting all aspects of Japanese religion to the wider public through, workshops, and study tours. The Institute also produces publications on Japanese religions


Next Issue: The Body Religious in Japan

Japanese Religions Vol. 46
Guest Editor: Or Porath



The next issue of Japanese Religions will investigate the role of the body in Japanese religion, and how it has been configured in religious, historical, and cultural contexts from the medieval period to the modern era. 

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The Interreligious Studies in Japan Program (ISJP)


In response to global tensions among religions today, the Interreligious Studies in Japan Program (ISJP) offers systematic study of Japanese religions and provides opportunities for interreligious dialogue. Its aim is to promote mutual understanding as a basis for peaceful coexistence and cooperation.


One semester consists of courses on Shinto, Buddhism, reading a classic Buddhist text in translation, New Religions, Japanese Christianity, Theology of Religions, and introduction to the Japanese language. Theoretical studies are supplemented by an exposure program consisting of field trips to various religious centers and meetings with their representatives. Attending one semester offers basic information, while participation in two semesters provides broader knowledge.

The goal is to widen the students’ perspectives towards other religions and to deepen their own faith in order to build peace among people of different religions.

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The NCC Center for the Study of Japanese Religions was established 1959 to serve the mission of the Gospel through:

  1. The study of Japanese religions

  2. The promotion of dialogue and mutual understanding among people of various religions.


The Institute's primary work is the organization of residential seminars, various study groups such as the ISJP-Program, and the publication of the Journal Japanese Religions

Japanese Religions (JR) is (mostly) English-language. Its editorial board and advisory board consist of persons affiliated with Universities in Japan and in Europe. 

JR publishes research-based articles relevant to the study of Japanese religions in the present and past, as well as reviews and review articles. The articles concern religion in all its forms and in the broadest sense, and often include current theories and perspectives from the humanities, social sciences and philosophy. Articles include academic references and bibliographies and are peer-reviewed. They are aimed at researchers within and outside the field of religious studies, at students in higher education, at teachers in secondary schools and at a wide public.

Japanese Religions printed its first issue in 1964 and has since them published 45 volumes. The articles are freely available to all. Under "Volumes" you can see the content of all issues - from issue 26 (2002) to issue 44 (2021). The Editorial board and the staff of NCC are currently working on digitalizing the rest of the issues.

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